The Simple Joy of Being Available

25. February 2014 20:27
There is a great deal of joy to experience when we make being available to God a priority.
Are you offering help to the people around you? Do you make yourself available to God? [More]

From Christ to Christianity

8. January 2014 07:35
Christianity is one the three most prevalent religions on the globe. Despite this fact, many people have little to no idea regarding its actual development and historical time lime. Christianity involves far more than the mere life of Jesus Christ. By exploring the highlights of the following time line, you can get a better idea of just why this religion plays such a large role in so many people's lives. [More]

Treasures in Heaven

9. October 2013 15:38
“The way you store up treasure in Heaven is by investing in getting people there.” ~Rick Warren Mr. Warren’s quote is truly a great one, and one of my favorites. It helps us stop and think about what is really important in this life and what is really worth investing in. What is the one thing in this life that we can take with us to heaven? Our friends and family! It’s interesting to stop for a second and put life in this world in perspective, compared to the life we will be spending in Heaven. I have heard some good illustrations of this where a speaker will roll out... [More]

Does Mega Church equal Mega Business?

13. September 2013 07:18
Does a Mega Church equal Mega Business? Let's take a look. Mega Church's have the opportunity and resources to minister to and serve a large number of members. However, some seem to be more business minded. [More]

Laying It Down

17. June 2013 09:24
  After I became a Christian in 1996, I grew hungry for three things: my Bible, church, and Christian media. I had grown up listening to the world’s view of life, and it rarely mentioned forgiveness. However, the word kept surfacing over and over again as I studied Christianity. But I wasn’t angry with anyone—or was I? My parents had divorced when I was one year old. I do not remember questioning why or even caring that they had divorced at all. It was easy to accept the facts since they had been divorced for as long as I could remember. However, the Lord gently revealed to me that in my... [More]

What is your ministry

25. April 2013 13:19
That's when it hit me. I don’t need to be a apostle, prophet, or pastor to build up the body of Christ. We are all called to serve Him. The Great Commission applies to all of us. So what is your ministry? How can you use your own God given talents to help others? [More]

Afraid to Enter In: The peril of Spiritual Abuse

13. April 2013 16:44
There was a time when I use to count the number of days I attended Church. I absolutely dreaded missing a Sunday because I knew someone would want an answer for my absence or worse: I’d return the next week feeling ashamed that I had “put myself above God”. As a new believer I didn’t know much about “being a Christian”, but I knew the basic promises of God: peace, joy, and freedom. From the time I could conceive the idea of salvation; I began to seek the Lord. I developed a new life in Christ. Friends and family witnessed a transformation in me and some eve... [More]

Falling in love with someone who isn’t Christian

27. March 2013 14:13
Some say that you can’t help who you fall love with, but what do you do when you fall for someone who doesn’t share your religious beliefs? Do you try to convert them or just agree to disagree? This article discusses falling in love with someone who isn’t a Christian. Follow your heart When entering into a relationship, seek the Lord’s guidance and follow your heart. But what do you do if the one that makes you happy doesn’t share the same religious beliefs. Let’s start by looking at what the Bible tells us about having an unbelieving spouse. I have heard ... [More]

What does your Facebook say about you?

14. March 2013 13:52
I spent some time today lurking around on Facebook. Viewing the pages of some of my Christian friends and some of you who have “Liked” this page. It was quite surprising! Statuses about prayer and their walk with God, mixed in with statuses about drug use and promiscuity. Liked pages about religion along with Liked pages showcasing half dressed women. What are you telling the world about yourself and what it means to call yourself a Christian? Sadly, the actions of some Christians has given the world a bad view of a Christian is. Think of the man who goes to Church, then comes hom... [More]

Girl Power

8. March 2013 00:00
Women show their power in different ways. Some are physically strong or mentally tough. Some women, by God's grace, are able to show His love and strength through them by being powerful women they are called to be. Let's take a look at some of the powerful women from the Bible. [More]

Are you Rich?

28. January 2013 07:42
It is easier to dwelling on what we don’t have, rather then being thankful for what we do have. We are not promised a perfect life, or even an easy life, but we are promised something so much better!a [More]

Trust– A Five Letter Word

15. January 2013 08:05
  Although trust is just a five letter word, it carries a load of meaning. It has the ability to make or break a business, a marriage and even a person. Its power cannot be understated. Where trust exists between two business partners, a business can thrive. Where trust exists in a marriage, that marriage will prosper, joy will flourish, love will blossom. It’s fundamental to our success. It’s fundamental to our very existence. And yet many of us struggle with trust. Life has hurt us…people we have loved let us down or even betrayed us, wounding us. We guard oursel... [More]

Are we letting the Government remove Christianity?

12. January 2013 11:04
The news lately has been flooded with stories that are upsetting to many Christians. What are you doing to stop this downward spiral in our Country? Are you ready to accept The Great Commission or are you only comfortable being a Christian when your in the safety of your Church? [More]

The Great Commission

7. January 2013 18:12
There are many lessons to be learned by reading the Bible. The greatest charge we are given in the Bible comes directly from Jesus Christ. After he is crucified, buried, and has risen from the dead, he meets with his disciples on a mountain in Galilee before he ascends into Heaven. This is where Jesus gives his disciples (and us) The Great Commission. [More]

Resolutions for the new year

1. January 2013 11:41
Each year there is a lot of talk about new year resolutions. Loosing weight is by far the most common resolution made, followed by quitting smoking, better finances, staying fit, and falling in love. These are good resolutions to make, and can help improve your life, but are these the things that should be on the top of our list? The Bible teaches us to be healthy and not do anything that can harm our body (1 Corinthians 3:16-17), be wise with our finances (Luke 16:11, Proverbs 13:22), and tells us about the importance of love (1 Corinthians 14:1). With the preceding verses, it could be easy ... [More]