What does your Facebook say about you?

14. March 2013 13:52
I spent some time today lurking around on Facebook. Viewing the pages of some of my Christian friends and some of you who have “Liked” this page. It was quite surprising! Statuses about prayer and their walk with God, mixed in with statuses about drug use and promiscuity. Liked pages about religion along with Liked pages showcasing half dressed women. What are you telling the world about yourself and what it means to call yourself a Christian? Sadly, the actions of some Christians has given the world a bad view of a Christian is. Think of the man who goes to Church, then comes hom... [More]

Are You Fulfilling Your Biblical Role?

11. February 2013 16:57
Are you fulfilling your Biblical role in your family? Are you the spiritual leader of your household? It's time for men everywhere to step up and be the Men we are called to be! [More]

Serve others

20. October 2012 10:54
Are you living your life for yourself and putting your own selfish desires first, or are you truly serving others? Do we help others, reluctantly? Jesus set the example by truly serving others out of love. Are we living up to his example? [More]

What are you Seeking?

19. October 2012 08:19
Are you putting God first in your life, or are you seeking earthly possessions? Learn to seek first the kingdom of God. [More]

Be Wise With Your Words

22. August 2012 11:44
King Solomon gives us some insight into how much power words have over our lives. Here are some practical ways to speak life into others as well as yourself. Be wise with your words. [More]

No More Business as Usual

7. August 2012 10:29
Are we just doing the ‘usual’? Do we feel better about ourselves when we help the Church with its ‘usual’ programs? Many of our communities are going downhill and turning away from Christian values in alarming numbers. If we are not satisfied with this (which we really shouldn’t be!) then the ‘usual’ obviously isn’t working! [More]

Be Real Men

4. August 2012 08:44
Are you actively leading your family to strengthen their relationship with Christ? Are you sitting on the sideline and watching her lead and teach your children? Or are you investing in their future by setting the example and strengthening them to live a life of Godly service? Let us all stand up and Be Real Men! [More]

People change, but marriage can still last a lifetime

22. June 2012 20:36
  I recently heard a story about a family friend. She married right out of college, thought she had a great life in the making, but then the real world hit. She felt that her and her husband had grown apart. She convinced herself that divorce was the only solution. She finally got the courage to call and tell him that she was leaving. His reaction, “ok, you can have the house, I’m keeping my car, we will divide everything else up later”. No argument, not fighting for what he has, just taking the easy way out. This same story plays out way too often in America. Somehow, ... [More]

Be Strong and Courageous

12. March 2012 18:23
A phrase repeated many time in the Bible. Two simple words, with simple meanings: Strong – of great moral power, firmness, or courage Courageous – not deterred by danger or pain; brave Now let’s take a look at what it really means to be Strong and Courageous. One of the best examples of this in the Bible is certainly the story of Joshua. Joshua spent many years helping Moses in the wilderness after the Exodus form Egypt. Moses was told by God that it was his time to die, and that Joshua would take his place to lead the Israelites through the Jordan River and to the land th... [More]