Oklahoma Fires

7. August 2012 08:24

As I begin this blog post today, my mind and heart are full of the devastation caused by the fires here in Oklahoma.  I must admit, I was a little afraid last night as I looked out my windows and saw the huge gray and black plumes of smoke that were only a few miles from me.  As soon as I heard of a fire to the east of me, I heard about evacuations to the west, south and north.  I could feel myself becoming ill with the fear.

My human side ran wild with terrible thoughts.  I could imagine my little dog and myself trapped in this apartment.  I wondered what it would be like to die in a fire.

As I prayed for my own safety and the safety of my family, I began to think about the firefighters who have worked for days on end and who are running low on supplies, including the necessary drinks to keep them going.  They ask for Gatorade, water and ice.  I wonder if they have enough.  If I were able to drive, I’d take them some.  Please agree with me in prayer for them.  God will provide.

I thought of all those who have lost their homes and property…who have nothing at all left.  No clothes, no food, no home, nothing.  I’m trying to imagine waking up this morning knowing I have lost everything.  Tomorrow I will call someone to take my donations to the drop off place in my town.  Please join me in praying for these people.  If they turn to God, they will be restored in every way.

On the news last night, they told of a man in a black pickup, Chevy F150 who was seen throwing burning newspapers out of his window near one of the small towns that ended up being evacuated.  Why?  How many did he set?  How does a person become so angry and cruel as to do such a thing?  It seems there may have been other fires set intentionally as well.  We don’t know.  God does.  Please pray for the man in the black pickup and any others who may have set the fires.  These folks need God in their lives.

If you live in Oklahoma, please find out where you can drop donations of food, clothing and/or money.  If you are able, maybe you can offer shelter.  Most of all, please pray.


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