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If you are Interested in being a Guest Blogger on, that is great and we look forward to hearing from you.

Here are the guidelines for becoming a guest blogger:

  • Create a user in our system here.
  • Pray for guidance as you decide on a topic. It must fit into one of the following categories:
    • Christian struggle that you or someone you know has gone through
    • Biblical Teaching
    • Devotional
    • Encouragement
    • Anything relevant to Christianity
    • Above all else, your post should be prayerfully considered and it should give glory to God.
  • Article must be at least 500 words and not over 1500 words.
  • Articles must be original content, written by you, not published elsewhere on the web.
  • Please include at least one royalty free photo to include in the article.


    Once your post is read to send to us, or if you have more questions, please us the Contact Us page to let us know.

We reserve the right to refuse a guest blogger entry for any reason
We reserve the right to edit the article for grammar and SEO purposes as we see fit.